Experience Beyond Boundaries: The Next-Generation CXO

In 2015, the Experience Innovation Network, part of Vocera®, published the first-ever study on leading healthcare experience transformation, highlighting the increasing strategic importance of the chief experience officer role. Last year we authored a follow-up study, focusing on the shift from patient and family experience to human experience, underlining the critical need for experience leaders to include team-member well-being in their scope of authority. This year, we continued to follow the trends and learned:

  • Leaders are well on their way to aligning experience, quality, safety, and process improvement. The next frontier for forward-thinking experience leaders is to increase collaboration with areas such as human resources (HR) and information technology (IT).
  • Experience leaders still struggle to drive accountability at every level. Advanced organizations are assessing experience impact for all projects, and auditing results.
  • Front-line engagement in shaping experience improvement is nearly standard, but there’s too much reliance on nurses to execute. Physician partnerships will be a key focus for 2017.
  • Patient-family advisory councils are a prime vehicle for patient involvement in experience improvement. But leading-edge organizations are going further by engaging patients and families in diverse and creative approaches.

Even in an era of great uncertainty, experience leaders are strategically breaking down barriers to infuse a focus on the human experience into every aspect of healthcare – every initiative, every investment, and every interaction.