4 Imperatives to Drive a Successful Resilience, Well-Being, and Joy Strategy

For the second year in a row, the Experience Innovation Network, part of Vocera, conducted research to examine how leaders at hospitals, clinics, and health systems are addressing burnout and supporting the well-being of care team members.

Since our first survey in 2016, urgency around these issues has only grown. Yet many organizations remain stuck. Leaders are all too aware of the problem, but most are unsure of where to start or how to justify the cost of improvement. Many of those who have begun this journey aren’t sure if what they’re doing is having any impact.

What’s a health system leader to do?

Read our new report, In Pursuit of Resilience, Well-Being and Joy in Healthcare. The report shares findings from a survey of health system leaders and from in-depth interviews with executives, academics, and thought leaders, and features case studies from nine health systems.

You’ll learn about strategies health systems are using to help care teams thrive, centered on four key imperatives:

  1. Build an intentional, human-centered culture.
  2. Approach burnout and well-being comprehensively.
  3. Cultivate a team mindset.
  4. Integrate burnout and well-being strategies with all other organizational priorities.