Healthcare Leaders Have a New Strategic Imperative

The incidence of burnout, exhaustion, and flat-out frustration among physicians, nurses, and other healthcare staff has reached epidemic proportions. More than half of physicians now report at least one symptom of burnout. This level of distress suggests that issues such as emotional exhaustion, compassion fatigue, and depersonalization are now endemic. In this study, the Experience Innovation Network, part of Vocera, examined how leaders at hospitals, clinics, and health systems are addressing the challenges of caregiver burnout and fatigue.

Caregiver burnout is not simply a challenge of morale. Burnout is linked to a greater incidence of medical errors, higher risk of infection, lower patient experience scores, and diminished operational efficiency. As executive leaders struggle to balance competing priorities for quality, safety, financial stewardship, and regulatory compliance, a focus on resilience, well-being, and joy cannot be considered a separate and lesser concern, but instead as one that is central to care excellence.

The good news is that forward-thinking organizations are fostering behaviors and processes that support resilience, well-being, and joy among physicians, nurses, and staff. Leaders at these organizations recognize that their teams need not only individual tools to support their own well-being, but also system-level investment and cultural commitment. This report celebrates maverick leaders who are making this work a strategic priority, and provides a framework for how other healthcare organizations can fuel a more resilient and joyful workforce by:

• Addressing resilience, well-being, and joy at every level
• Designing and diffusing a metric for humanity
• Elevating the office of human experience
• Building deeper partnerships with patients
• Promoting accountability beyond the system

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